Friday, 26 November 2010

Little Li et son disciple

Techniques: terre cuite, fil de fer, papier journal chinois

sculture et photographie, modeling and photography de Marie Malcles

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Clown made in Paris

Technique: ink, pentone and photoshop

BD comic strip
sur le theme du cirqueIllustration de Marie Malcles

On ne divorce pas chez les trapezistes

Technique: ink and pentone, photoshop

BD comic strip sur le theme du cirque
BD, comic strip de Marie Malcles

Tuesday, 16 November 2010


Illustration sur le sentiment d'inquietude
illustration about the feeling of worriness
Illustration de Marie Malcles

Alice et son lapin: le temps d'un calin

Technique encre de chine

Illustration sur le theme d'Alice au pays des merveille
Illustration around Alice in Wonderland from Lewis CarolIllustration de Marie Malcles

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Peaux d'arbres

Photographie, photography, de Marie Malcles

Les capitelles

Photography, photographie de Marie Malcles sur le theme des capitelles, maisons de bergers de provence

Art of flying

Ink, watercolours and blended pencils

Illustration extraite du livre l'art de voler de Marie Malcles
Illustration from the art book " the art of flying" from Marie Malcles

L'eloge du rien, Christian Bobin

Book cover for the magnificient book of Christian Bobin

Book cover
Couverture du livre de Christian Bobin

Illustration et aquarelle de Marie Malcles


un petit espace... une grande echappee...

a small space.. a big escape...


Illustration de Marie Malcles


a small wood
a big pond
Un petit bois
Une grande mare

exercice de mots
Illustration de Marie Malcles


Technique: Silk screen printing and photoshop

illustration de Marie Malcles

me me me me me again and again

un peu de schizophrenie autorisee..ou pas..

Techniques: Ink, water colour, pencils, tempera

self portrait
Illustration de Marie Malcles

Cover for a magazine of creative writing...between the line

Once upon a time, I was lost within the deep and dark woods...

Technique: ink and letter set

Magazine cover
Magazine on creative writing
Couverture d'un magazine de litterature brittanique publie a Londres
Illustration de Marie Malcles

Once upon a time was..Morph...

The story of Morph ended in the big fire of a whare house in the south of London in 2007..but his memory remains vivid in many british ex-kids..
illustration de Marie Malcles

Cover for Antigone of Henri Bauchau

Cover for Antigone of Henri Bauchau:
when she is painting into the cave, when red fight the blue...
Technique: pencils, ink, tempera

Couverture de livre
Book cover
Illustration de Marie Malcles